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The Iuav is a small university with an enrolment of approximately 6200 students. The number of students is limited to guarantee the quality of education offered. The academic staff includes 545 professors, 192 of which are tenured or tenure-tracked (67 full professors, 92 associate professors and 33 researchers) and 5 non-tenured extraordinary professors. Highly acclaimed professors, different kinds of expertise (professional, research), from over thirty countries of the world.

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Educational Offer


The Iuav has three faculties – Architecture, Regional Planning, and Arts and Design –, all of which have grown out of the original School of Architecture (founded in Venice in 1926). In recent years the Iuav has implemented an unique experiment in “project-based learning” that is the first of its kind in Italy. Theory and technique are integrated with hands-on training that spans the entire planning and design process, from the conception of an idea all the way through to its realisation.

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Useful Information


Everything you need to know about admission, study visa and stay permit.

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Students' life


Studying at the Universit√† Iuav di Venezia means living in Venice, one of the most fascinating cities in the world for anyone involved in the design professions. Studying at Iuav means living stimulating intellectual experiences at the crossroads of different artistic, cultural and lifestyle trends.