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“Inte.S.E. - Integrazione Studenti Esteri” is the project that aims to promote inclusion of foreign students studying at Italian universities. In particular, this is an initiative for all non-EU students.


For all non-EU students studying in Italy. Thanks to Inte.S.E. they can share life experiences.


Thanks to on-line forums it is possible to communicate with other students and to exchange Italian context life experiences; to take certified on-line courses in the different subjects, such as Italian culture and economics; to have free access to intensive courses offered by MIP Business School of Politecnico di Milano.


Inte.S.E. is always with you using advances technologies. Thanks to the opportunities offered by an e-Learning web platform you may start using all available tools which may help you in communicating with other students.


The project is an initiative of Ministero dell’Interno - Dipartimento per le Libertà Civili e l’Immigrazione (Italian Ministry of Interior, Immigration and civil liberties Department), co-financed by the European Union (Fondo Europeo per l’Integrazione di Cittadini di Paesi Terzi), and in cooperation with: Politecnico di Milano – Centro METID, Fondazione Politecnico di Milano, and MIP.